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Lagganlia Centre for Outdoor Learning
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Lagganlia Lodges are located within the Cairngorms National Park - click here to go to to read more
Course Content
When we plan your course we will ask you:
  • What do you want students to achieve as individuals?
  • What outcomes do you want for your groups/teams?
  • What end results would you like for your whole group/class?
  • What are the disabilities and particular needs of your group members?

Your answers enable us to build a customised outdoor learning course for you, one that is as inclusive as possible and designed to meet your aims/desired outcomes.

Each course includes:

A range of outdoor activities, activity briefings and reviews, opportunities for discussion, time to complete written course logbooks and an awards ceremony to celebrate achievements. Want to see examples of Monday to Friday Summer and Winter Programmes? Just click on the links.

ARCHERY: Target individual success!
CAMP HUTS: Camping in Style
Great for achieving a high success rate with students who normally find endurance activities a challenge.
A wonderful opportunity for boosting self esteem and can easily be adapted for people with disabilities.
Students stay overnight in a well insulated camp hut, equipped with 2 padded sleeping platforms - all the thrills of camping in a safe, easy and fun manner. A unique and unforgettable experience for those feeling a bit more adventurous and a good way to build confidence, resilience and encourage them to be responsible for themselves.
CANOEING: work together and explore by paddle!
FIELD STUDIES: Explore sustainability and the natural environment!
Canoeing is a fun way to develop water confidence and experience working in a small team. You'll, be responsible for steering and keeping the boat upright and on longer trips, effort and staying power is required. Field-studies A program that fits your project syllabus and/or is linked into Scottish Access Code. Students link their classroom/lab learning with the unique scenery, fauna and flora of the fragile environment of the Cairngorms National Park. Also available: Art in the Environment course:students create something out of what is available in the locale - the only limit is their imagination!
GORGE WALKING: the thrill and power of a natural gorge!
JOHN MUIR AWARD: awareness and responsibility for wild places
An exciting, fun activity where adrenaline flows as students plunge down slides and experience the thundering power of nature by standing under a waterfall. Being cold and wet does not dampen team spirit! This raises the self-esteem of participants through personal challenge and achievement and facilitates team working. John-Muir-Award An environmental award scheme available at 3 levels focused on wild places, is designed to promote educational, social and personal development through exploration of wild places and involvement in conservation. We are able to host this award (with its clear links to the Curriculum for Excellence) to a very high standard.
 KAYAKING: Water confidence builder!
MOUNTAIN BIKING: expand your comfort zone!
Kayaking enables students to experience being self reliant and have fun whilst developing water confidence and learning water etiquette. Encourages students to persevere, expand their comfort zones and put into practice caring for the environment. All the routes used are within the ability of the average young person. There is a local purpose built downhill track (Laggan Wolftrax), for the more experienced mountain biker.
ORIENTEERING: Logical thinking - exhilarating teamwork!
PROBLEM SOLVING: 'Out of the box' thinking!
A very popular and exhilarating sport which encourages independent and logical thinking. Students work in a pair or trio to develop their team work and listening skills. It is quite competitive so groups can shine and boost their self confidence. Problem-Solving Encourages students to think 'out of the box', work as part of a team and develop strategies needed to solve problems.
A variety of on site challenges are used as well as a pool of knowledge and experience brought in each instructor whose aim is to make the activity challenging but reachable and fun!
ROCK CLIMBING & ABSEILING: with determination the sky's the limit!
SAILING: be a skipper for the day!
A wonderful opportunity to experience the trills of vertical assent/descent, develop trust while working in a team and with determination, conquer any fears of heights. We have an indoor climbing wall and 60ft climbing tree, a choice of local crags to experience real rock and a nearby cliff for an exposed but safe abseil. A brilliant opportunity to students to work in a team and be responsible for their own safety. Sailing encourages them to listen carefully and follow complex instructions as well as to plan ahead and to think tactically. The sailing takes place on the stunningly scenic Loch Morlich.
SUMMER HILL WALKING & MOUNTAINEERING: high adventure! WHITE WATER RAFTING: excitement, adventure and exploration!
Summer Hill Walking Locally known as 'Mountain Adventure', this activity often results in an enormous sense of achievement and pride for students as they summit a hill and experience the wilderness of the Cairngorms National Park whilst gaining knowledge of local geography, geology, history, flora and fauna. White water rafting River Rafting on the river Spey is an exciting activity with a sense of adventure encouraging team work whilst developing listening skills and individual determination. Groups should be aware that the section of river that is used is an hour's drive away from base.
SKIING/SNOWBOARDING:(artificial slope): it's snow-less fun! CAMPING & BOTHY TRIPS: nights in the wild!
A year round activity where students learn how to follow instructions carefully, gain determination and the joy of learning a new skill, and help fellow students whilst expanding their own comfort zone. Our dry slope is friendly to beginners as well as those with disabilities but can also be more challenging for advanced students. Camping and Bothy nights Experience the exhilaration of spending the night in the wild, relying on what you have brought with you and to think creatively about how to do things that are taken for granted at home. Students find this experience to be one they will never forget. If an overnight trip is not possible then a visit to a bothy can be achieved in a day.
SNOW SPORTS: Learn the skill - feel the thrill!  
WINTER MOUNTAINEERING SKILLS: The summit of achievement! Alpine Skiing and Snow Boarding
Winter-mountaineering An amazing opportunity to summit a mountain which is largely covered in snow, whilst learning the requirements for survival in these harsh conditions, developing determination and an enormous sense of achievement and pride. Snow-Sports Takes place at 2 local skiing resorts: Cairngorm Mountain or The Lecht. Note:groups need to come prepared to pay for their own ski passes - this cost is not included in the price.
Alpine Skiing- classic downhill skiing using either traditional long skis or shorter skis called blades. The activity will be set at the level of the group.
Nordic Skiing- Also known as cross country skiing or  telemarking. A very versatile sport that can be used anywhere there is snow.
Snow Boarding- derived from skateboarding and surfing, it takes a bit longer to get the hang of than skiing but a great alternative and a lot of fun!
Snow Sports Great for kids just to get the chance to have fun in the snow - go snowshoeing or work together to plan and build a snowman or more adventurous snow sculpture.  
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